Guides of our mountains

Samuel Zurbriggen

September 1984, accompanies the guests since September 2010

„The fascination of freeriding for me is that, unlike ski touring, you don’t have tired legs and can enjoy the descent even more. You really get into a flow that is simply intoxicating.“

Felix Maurhofer

January 1964, mountain guide since 1997



«Freeride is for me like dancing on snow. It’s got everything, from Tango to Rock’n’Roll.»


Serge Thélin

February 1979, mountain guide since 2006

« What I like about freeriding is the speed and beauty of the lines in good company »



Arthur Bucher

 July 1989, mountain guide aspirant for 1 year.



„Drawing beautiful curves in powdery snow gives me great pleasure, especially when it is shared!“


Hans Allemann

September 1996,
mountain guide since 1994.




“Freeriding is my passion”




Milon Favre

 A steep slope snowboarder with many first runs through the Alps, Peru and Pakistan. And now also Powsurfer with 4 years of experience.
Milon is also the founder of the Milon Snowboards brand, which this year will merge with the other local Diablerets Forest Snowboards brand.

Mikiel Chevallay

I’m a young man from Switzerland passionate by Freeride skiing. I’d like to realize my dream and live from my passion one day, throughout hard training, competitions and content production. I’m in love with what I’m actually doing and I hope to continue enjoying life while riding the mountains and working hard to achieve my goals.

Dimitri Charrière

In the mid-1990s, Dimitri was one of the first in the world to become a professional Freeskier. Dimitri has no equal in this field, after 24 years of career, still on his skis at the highest level. In his spare time, he is a ski instructor, a freeski coach and an official judge certified by the Association of Professional Freeskiers & the International Ski Federation. He is now part of the management team of the Alaï project which is the largest training center for action sports in Europe.

Anthony Holland

41 year old, from Leysin. I have been professional snowboarder for almost 15 years and I retired from competition 5 years ago. Working as  carpenter now.

Sylvain Nicolier

Sylvain Nicolier or Suisse moi, is a traveller who makes video challenges all over the world. After winning traditional wrestling matches in Togo, eating the most improbable things in the world, rollerblading down the Gilbraltar rock and finally snowboarding in Lausanne, he will be in Les Diablerets, because the glacier is after all the best place in the world to be.

Sven Mermod

Sven is the ultimate ski freerider. He embodies smooth riding, speed control and aggressive movement.

Born in the heart of the Swiss Alps, he grew up between the forest and the peaks. Like a mountain goat, he climbs to the summit and goes down faster than ever.

Jeremy Pernet

Skier from Les Diablerets, I know the Glacier 3000 like the back of my hand. After many years of competition, it is naturally that I turned towards Freeriding and the mountains.

I like ski touring and discovering new regions in Switzerland and around the world with my skis.